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Infinity Engager is a Meta-approved AI automated commenting app that unlocks any Facebook or Instagram account’s ability to acquire traffic and grow a following. See how top publishers are are growing their traffic, engagement and reach exponentially.

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How does Infinity Engager work?

Setting up Infinity Engager is as easy as 1…2…3!

Write prompt

Write your prompt instructing Infinity Engager to respond exactly how you want within your brand’s guidelines and goals.

Monitor and Iterate

Monitor the responses on your Page to make sure the responses are just right. If the responses need tweaking, simply pause the app and update your prompt.

Real world use cases for Infinity Engager

Use Case 1

Publishers of all sizes

Use Case 2

Social media and influencer marketing agencies

Use Infinity Engager to supercharge the growth of your client accounts. Connect as many accounts as you want and generate a unique prompt for each one. Whether your client is Snoop Dogg or Snoop’s Plumbing, Infinity Engager will respond in the way that is exactly right for your page and your audience. Imagine the look on your clients’ faces when they see their engagement is up 100x!

Use Case 3

Content creators and influencers

Kickstart the algorithms to put your Page or Profile into hyper growth mode. Infinity Engager is the perfect solution to immediately increase your earnings from the Facebook and Instagram Performance Bonus programs. It’s also a fantastic option for anyone looking to grow their following as quickly as possible, with some users having 200%-1,000%+ follower growth several months.

Use Case 4

Companies and brands

From health and politics to history and sports, create deep threaded conversations with your audience and train them to come back to your social media profile over and over again. Tell Infinity Engager your company’s code of conduct, history, rules for engagement and anything else you would like for it to take into account in its responses, and it will respond better than 90% of human brand ambassadors ever could at an infinitely faster speed.

Prompt Infinity Engager to respond with anything from specific marketing messages to funny engagement-boosting memes

See the app LIVE in action for yourself:

We are partnered and work with the best in the industry. You’re in good hands.

Ezoic: Certified Seamless Technology Partner

Ezoic, one of the industry’s leading ad networks, has partnered with Infinity Engager to grow their publishers’ traffic and advertising revenue. With the crash of Google Search traffic, publishers need new sources of traffic to their websites and Infinity Engager is the key part of that equation.

>> View the Live Case Study

Amazon Web Services AWS Advanced Partner

We use the most powerful and secure infrastructure on the market, in tandem with the most cutting-edge AI models. All of our infrastructure on AWS is set up in the US-East-1 region located in North Virginia – the most robust region that is also closest to our US audience base.

Meta Business approved App

Infinity Engager is a Meta for Business approved app and has passed all their criteria and requirements in the app approval process.

Live Case Studies

This is what happens when you activate Infinity Engager in tandem with the right content and networking strategy:


Health & Wellness publisher uses Infinity Engager to drive traffic to ad-monetized website

View Healthy Holistic Living Group’s Case Study with Ezoic, ‘Recovering From And Outgrowing Algorithm Updates (Up 749% in 90 Days)


year-over-year traffic growth
(2022/23 vs 2023/24)


facebook reach
(Nov. vs Dec. 2023)


facebook engagement (Nov. vs Dec. 2023)


(Nov. vs Dec. 2023)

Before Infinity Engager and upgraded content strategy
After Infinity Engager and upgraded content strategy


4.4 Million followers network of Facebook Pages uses Infinity Engager to revive Pages from the dead


(feb. 1 to mar. 8, 2024)


facebook FOLLOWS
(feb. 1 to mar. 8, 2024)


Link clicks
(feb. 1 to mar. 8, 2024)


video minutes viewed
(feb. 1 to mar. 8, 2024)

‘Hogging The Fun’ Facebook Page
‘People Having a Really Bad Day’ Facebook Page


Emmy Award-Winning doctor uses Infinity Engager to promote new supplement line


traffic to shop
(Oct. 1 to Nov. 2023)


Sales increase
(Oct. 1 to Nov. 2023)


facebook engagement
(Oct. 1 to Nov. 2023)


facebook reach
(Oct. 1 to Nov. 2023)

October sessions without Infinity Engager
November sessions with Infinity Engager
28 days following launch of Infinity Engager

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a specific question to ask that’s not covered below? Contact us.

Infinity Engager currently supports Facebook and Instagram. Integration for YouTube, LinkedIn and WordPress is coming soon.

Infinity Engager takes minutes to set up. Simply register an account, connect your Facebook or Instagram profiles (at which point you will automatically receive your 1,000 free tokens*), write your prompt, and away you go!

It’s important to monitor Infinity Engager’s responses when you first launch it. You will likely need to update your prompt several times until you get the responses to be just right for your brand and audience. You can start or stop Infinity Engager at any time.

*1 token = 1 comment

Just like with ChatGPT, you would write a prompt to tell Infinity Engager how you want it to respond to comments on your Facebook Pages and Instagram Profiles. Consider including in your prompt:
– Information about your brand
– The style in which you want it to respond (i.e. informative, funny, careful, professional, like a pirate, etc.)
– The goal of it’s response (i.e. to create discussion, to drive traffic to a website or landing page, to make the audience laugh, etc.)
– Any links or promotions that you want Infinity Engager to promote

In general, the shorter your prompt, the better it will work. Every niche and every Page or Profile will have a prompt that works uniquely best for it, so it’s important to iterate and refine your prompts in tandem with how your audience is evolving.

Yes! Not only can Infinity Engager perfectly understand any written content when it comes in the form of text posts, captions or text comment responses, it can now also read and understand any visual content. With our latest update, Infinity Engager will first analyze the meme or image that’s been shared and will then respond to commenters within the context of what has been presented in that meme or image. This is a fantastic way for image and meme-heavy brands to massively increase their engagement.

Keep adjusting your prompt until it responds exactly how you want it to. 99.9% of issues one experiences with comment replies can be resolved with the right prompt. We are also constantly releasing updates to make your experience and success using the platform to be more and more user-friendly and fruitful.

Right now the prompts work on a per Page or per Profile basis. That said, we are actively working on upgrades to Infinity Engager to allow one to set prompts on a per Post basis – we believe this will be a game changer that will further expand the magic and possibilities of Infinity Engager.

When Infinity Engager is set up with good content and moderation in tandem with a prompt that is appropriate for the Page/Profile and it’s audience, it is perfectly safe to use. The best use of automated tools is to mix them with the right amount of human intervention or oversight. As such, make sure to regularly monitor Infinity Engager’s responses and rate of responses in tandem with your audience’s reactions and responses to it. Continuously iterate your prompt until it’s responding the way you want it to and the way that your audience appreciates. Further, try to avoid using Infinity Engager in a spammy way. Do not share too many links or too much repetitive content. Once you have it set up right, Infinity Engager should run just fine without any or a minimal amount of human intervention or oversight.

Your first 1,000 comments are free – when you sign up you get 1,000 free tokens!

Thereafter, every comment is 1 penny. Every order is a minimum of 10,000 tokens ($100).

If your Page or Profile generates thousands of comments a day, you can also order comments from us in bulk.

Simply create a new account and connect a Page or Profile. The 1,000 tokens will be automatically added to your account.

In order to purchase more tokens*, simply login to the app and click the button at the top-right corner of the screen that says Buy Tokens. Enter your desired quantity of tokens, fill in your credit card details into our secure Stripe-powered form and click the button to process your payment. Once processed, the tokens will immediately be added to your account. You also have the option to have your tokens Auto-Renew so that your Page or Profile doesn’t miss out on any valuable engagement opportunities.

*As a reminder, Infinity Engager, like many other leading AI platforms, is run by the use of tokens. 1 token is equal to 1 comment.

Simply login to the Infinity Engager app check the top-right corner of your screen for the blue button that says (BUY TOKENS [Your current token amount]). When your tokens are running low, you will also get a notification email.

Simply enable Auto-Renew when placing your first order and your token wallet will be refilled automatically as soon as you run out of tokens. You will also get an email notification when your account is about to run out in case you want to manage the renewals manually.

Like many leading AI platforms, Infinity Engager is powered by the use of tokens. Right now, one token buys you one comment. We are constantly adding new features and abilities to Infinity Engager with lots of exciting updates in the pipeline, so you will be able to redeem your tokens for more than just comments in the near future. Stay tuned for exciting new feature announcements!


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  • Automatically respond to every single comment on your Page or Profile that’s better than what 90% of humans can do, is infinitely faster and is infinitesimally lower cost;
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  • Kickstart the Facebook or Instagram algorithm to put your Page or Profile into hyper growth mode.

Get 1,000 comments free

1 penny per comment
  • 1,000 tokens free when you connect your Facebook Page or Instagram Profile
  • Automatically respond to every single comment on your Page or Profile that’s better than what 90% of humans can do, is infinitely faster and is infinitesimally lower cost;
  • Simple do-it-yourself onboarding process, or have one of our onboarding experts help you get started;
  • Kickstart the Facebook or Instagram algorithm to put your Page or Profile into hyper growth mode.

Get 1,000 comments free


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